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Iraq – The Hidden Story

Posted by Dave (The Void) on February 19, 2007

You’re a journalist in Iraq. You have two choices: court near-certain death on the streets, or stay in custody of the all-powerful occupying forces. In this hardhitting documentary (49 mins), Jon Snow shows how this dilemma, combined with the natural squeamishness of television news, keeps us from ever appreciating the horrors of occupied Iraq.

If you’re somehow unable to watch it, Robert Fisk of the Independent sums it up beautifully:

If the people ever saw what we see, they would never support another war again.

The reality is shocking indeed. We’ve all seen the body count, but we never see the bodies, nor hear from the Iraqi public. How could we? In a classic understatement, Snow concludes that it “isn’t exactly inconvenient” for the occupiers that we citizens are prevented from seeing the real Iraq.


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