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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Posted by Dave (The Void) on June 1, 2007

In the light of recent media coverage, it’s high time I post this brilliant documentary (74 mins), which I found via a characteristically thorough and well-written article by Heathlander exposing the mendacious anti-Chavez smear campaign.

At the moment, the corporate media are denouncing the denial of licence to RCTV and other private Venezuelan broadcasters by president Hugo Chavez as a crackdown on freedom of speech.

As the film shows, the stations in question were instrumental in launching a coup against Chavez in 2002, and in blocking the popular countercoup that swept him back in two days later. Vicious lies spread that day persist even now – notably that Chavez supporters shot at unarmed opposition protesters.

Chavez was elected with a strong democratic mandate and was (and still is) immensely popular with Venezuelan voters – especially the poor. This was in evidence during the short-lived coup, as were his calls for calm and his respect for the Venezuelan constitution.

The banned channels represent a tiny minority of the growing Venezuelan media, and are owned by putschists from among the rich elite whose power Chavez’ reforms were eroding. They organised an illegal coup d’etat, through highly confrontational rhetoric and systematic lying, in the end of thwarting an immensely popular series of moves toward social justice.

And they’re the goodies. Do we really want to buy into this fairytale? Enjoy the film.


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