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Confessions Of An Economic Hitman

Posted by Dave (The Void) on July 5, 2007

After years spent undermining the economies of developing nations, bringing them under control of history’s most subtle and most global empire, self-described economic hitman John Perkins blew the whistle in 2004. Though studiously ignored by the mainstream media, his Confessions… found a massive audience; it spent some time in the New York Times’ bestseller list without that paper ever having reviewed it.

In this address (52 mins + 16 mins Q&A) to the activist group Veterans For Peace (h/t Opinionated Indian), Perkins explains the methodology of what he calls Imperial Corporatocracy and how it has dominated the history of the last 60 years.

Part One…

… where Perkins explains how debt is used as a tool of empire, and looks at the last three decades in the Middle East. The oil embargo of the early 1970s was followed by an intense colonisation of Saudi Arabia; it took some time longer to get there in Iraq.

Part Two…

… on the decades of repression of South America, and the recent continent-wide popular uprising against the Corporatocracy. Also, Perkins’ call for activism against corporate excesses.

Q & A …

…where Perkins gets a bit out of his depth. He misrepresents Corporate Law in particular, and draws conclusions on Peak Oil and on the nature of Capitalism that I can’t really support. Still, the flaws in this analysis don’t come close to detracting from his insight into neocolonialism.

3 Responses to “Confessions Of An Economic Hitman”

  1. homeyra said

    Just a not to say that it is a great idea to create this blog.
    I’ll link!

  2. Dave On Fire said

    Thanks Homeyra 🙂

  3. […] Dave on Fire’s new blog of videos, Throw Away Your Telescreen, I came across this great address John Perkins gave to the Veterans for Peace convention. Perkins is a self-described “Economic […]

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