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The Road To Guantanamo

Posted by Dave (The Void) on July 30, 2007

In this harrowing 2006 docudrama (91 mins) by Michael Winterbottom, the ‘Tipton Three’ recount their experience of captivity and torture by American forces in Afghanistan and later in Guantanamo Bay.

2 Responses to “The Road To Guantanamo”

  1. […] up any number of men who might have looked remotely interesting and sell them on. Sami, like the Tipton Three, no doubt attracted attention partly through being a foreigner not in a NATO army uniform. But […]

  2. […] Orange Jumpsuits Published January 29, 2008 activism , antiwar , human rights , manchester , protest , rendition , torture Tags: amnesty international, guantanamo bay (Photo by Amnesty International) Yesterday’s AI demonstration against Guantanamo Bay was by any measure a great success.  After a short performance in front of the Students’ Union, we spent about 20 minutes collecting signatures for a petition calling for the illegal prison camp to be closed.  I only noticed the time was up after filling two sheets of A4 with signatures; in all, we got nearly five hundred names in that short time. I learned how many people had never even heard of Guantanamo Bay: they were a small minority, but not as small as you’d expect.  However, I also saw how much easier it is to engage with the silent majority when you’re wearing bright orange.  People were falling over themselves to agree with us and to sign up – and these are people who never come to Stop The War meetings and demos.  If we don’t want our broader support base to slip away out of sheer boredom, we would do will to recreate this kind of visual impact. If you’ve not signed the petition (or, as Amnesty put it, if you’ve not unsubscribed yourself from your government’s policies of torture), then perhaps their short film Waiting For The Guards will spur you into action. Remember, many of the people who are put through this are never charged with any offence.  Torturing terrorists is wrong, but this is torturing the innocent.  See also Michael Winterbottom’s film The Road To Guantanamo on Throw Away Your Telescreen. […]

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