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Marijuana – Threat or Menace?

Posted by Dave (The Void) on August 29, 2007

In previous posts, we’ve looked at how America’s paranoid War on Drugs provides cover for incarcerating a generation at home, and waging a vicious class war in Colombia.  Now, in this informative and frequently hilarious history (108 mins), Woody Harrelson explores in more depth the long, costly and futile fight to eradicate marijuana.

12 Responses to “Marijuana – Threat or Menace?”

  1. coollikeme said

    It is a menace, and should stay illegal.

  2. Dave On Fire said


    Did you actually watch the film, Coollikeme, or did you just see a golden opportunity to share your pearls of wisdom with us lesser mortals?

  3. coollikeme said

    No I did not watch the film. I saw the pearls of common sense, and wanted to share it with mankind.

  4. Dave On Fire said

    Actually, I think Common Sense, by definition, is something most of mankind already has access to, but still… keep up the good work! What would we ever do without you?

    Now, are we sure it’s just a menace? Not a threat?

  5. RickB said

    Why does this make me want to go to an all night garage and buy crisps? Hmmm

  6. the3lb said


    it’s easier to die from too much water (it’s happened to folks in promotional contests) than it is to die from an overdose of Cannabis . . . we’ve tried believe me 😀

  7. k_man said

    Coollikeme, no offence but I think you are quite ignorant, and ill informed. Next time you want to share a… sense of any kind, maybe you should know what you are talking about first. Lol, oh and mankind needs to be more worried about the jack ass’s that are running and fucking up our world, and making you believe that a plant that holds such positive potential is a bad thing??? If cannabis were to be legalized and industrialized, it would put cotton and paper companies out of business. This is because superior products, such as clothing and papers that are extremely durable can be produced from the plant. Furthermore, biodegradable (in 10 yrs) plastics can be made from cannabis oil; similar things are being done with corn oil. Long story short this doesn’t make wealth business owners and investors happy….. Anyways I don’t want to rant on anymore, you can educate yourself.


  8. Simon said

    I think that this movie showcases why it should be legal. Its safe, people use it, and any state would benefit greatly from the exit of policing this drug. Not to mention taxes on Cannabis would turn in great numbers.

    Coollikeme: If you would use your common sense, you would see that it harms no one. And altso like mention above, would only be to great benefit for the people and the state.

    A whole new industry would be born as well, generating only profit when you sample it against todays model.

    The3lb: I too have tried, and failed miserably. IM STILL HERE DAMMIT! 🙂

  9. Dave, The Void On Fire said

    Not to stop the love-in or anything, but cannabis can be harmful. That’s not the point. The point is, drug laws have nothing to do with protecting people from harm, and everything to do with repression and division.
    People have the right to do things that harm them, should they so choose. Alcohol is harmful – significantly more so than cannabis – yet I reserve the right to drink. So too do I reserve the right to toke.
    These are serious arguments, and pretending that pot doesn’t rot your lungs etc only detracts from them.

  10. harrison said

    cool like me
    your not cool at all…
    more like, dumbashelllikeme

  11. Johnny Canuck said

    Pot has its pluses and minuses, like pretty much anything humans ingest. There’s a helluva lot more tar in a joint than in tobacco; but neither does it turn people into raving maniacs. The only crime I have ever encountered or heard of pot users committing in order to “feed their habit” is to illegally grow or purchase the stuff.

    Pot users do not become aggressive (unlike some drunks). Pot users do not hold up corner stores to get money for their next hit. It’s a bad idea to dive while impaired, but the tendency is for the driver impaired by pot to slow down and become (annoyingly) cautious.

    The thing about pot is that, like cigarettes, the only person whose health is at risk is the user (and those in the same room). I would like to know if pot has the same potential for health care costs that cigarette use has, but even with the higher tar content, considering that most people aren’t smoking 12-36 joints in a day (unlike someone smoking 1-3 packs of smokes) I can’t see how it could.

    So now we have a substance that does not require refining into an unidentifiable powder that could contain anything from talcum powder to rat poison, that causes no measurable criminal activity (beyond that automatically created by using an illegal substance), that has very few social ills, that is NOT a gateway drug to more powerful narcotics, and that, while not necessarily harmless, does not cause the health risks of many other, legal substances. So why is it illegal? Well, so far as I can make out, it mainly comes down to one man’s (“The” Man?) suspicion of any intoxicating substance and his willingness to spread whatever lies he deemed necessary in order to eliminate a substance that the immigrating Mexican farmhands used after a hard day’s work the way we’d have a beer to relax after work. Study after study has found that the effects of pot are minimal, and study after study has been ignored in favour of personal opinion or political grandstanding.

    It’s sad, it really is.

    What do you think the States would be like as a society, if, tomorrow, they decriminalized pot (and only pot; drugs like heroin are another kettle of fish entirely and need to be dealt with separately; lumping them in together is a spurious fallacy), and took all that money they’ve been wasting on trying to eradicate pot use, and instead used it to fund a universal health care system such as we have in Canada?

    Perhaps something to think about. To dream about, at the very least…

  12. Johnny Canuck said

    And Coollikeme, if you haven’t bothered to listen to the argument against why marijuana should be considered a menace and remain illegal, then how about at least presenting an argument as to why it SHOULD be considered a menace and remain illegal? Quote impartial studies, please, and be as far-ranging and comprehensive as possible, the same as was done for this argument against Pot As Menace.

    Otherwise, please refrain from making silly comments about a film you haven’t bothered to watch, or I can pretty much guarantee that said comments will automatically be dismissed.

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