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Beyond Surburbia – Surviving Peak Oil

Posted by Dave (The Void) on October 15, 2007

The oil boom of the 20th century allowed millions of Westerners to flee the cities and spread out over miles of countryside.  That boom is now over and, with oil becoming ever more scarce, that sprawl is looking less and less sustainable.

The End Of Suburbia

This documentary (79 mins) focuses almost entirely on North America, where the oil boom and the attendant rise in car culture and consumerist suburbia took of more than anywhere else.  However, we face similar problems in Britain, Europe and elsewhere, and could do much worse for an watchable and informative introduction to the socioeconomic implications of what’s become known as “Peak Oil”.

(This is just a trailer; click here to watch the full film on Yahoo! video)

The Power Of Community

The island republic of Cuba has already weathered a severe energy famine, when trade with the USSR was cut off by the latter’s collapse in 1991.  In this sequel (53 mins) to The End Of Suburbia looks at the community networks and structures which allow the Cubans to survive on a fraction of their previous fossil fuel consumption.

5 Responses to “Beyond Surburbia – Surviving Peak Oil”

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  2. […] which I’ve previously aired on what I like to call my “personal TV channel”, the Throw Away Your Telescreen video blog, is an excellent place to start. A rough sequel to the scarier The End of Suburbia, it […]

  3. check out our new documentary, the second in the END of SUBURBIA trilogy – ESCAPE FROM SUBURBIA. thanks for all your great work man! cheers from toronto

  4. Dave On Fire said

    Thanks for the heads up, Greg, that looks good. Doesn’t seem to be online yet but I’ll see with my local alt cinema group, perhaps we can get the DVD.

  5. […] to all but the most decadent of monarchs. It’s even being suggested, quite plausibly, that the suburbs may have to be abandoned, or at least completely rethought, as a result of ‘Peak […]

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