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Jonathan Meades – On The Brandwagon

Posted by Dave (The Void) on October 28, 2007

I live in the most regenerated city on Earth. From Liverpool to Bilbao, strange new “developments” are supposed to be breathing new life into post-industrial Europe. Are they job creation schemes, PFI gentrification, or corporate image made concrete? In this insightful and witty (if occasionally a bit snobbish) documentary (about an hour,h/t, Jonathan Meades explores what he considers to be the lasting legacy of Tony Blair.

(click here to play all six parts)

2 Responses to “Jonathan Meades – On The Brandwagon”

  1. […] luxury living in the most obnoxious ostentation. It’s hardly an isolated development; gentrification is the new urbanisation, with the rich building themselves fashionable new pads all over our city spaces. As for the […]

  2. […] but the trend arguably started in Liverpool and is epitomised by the Gugenheim museum in Bilbao. Jonathan Meades describes these developments, among other memorable epithets, as “PFI gentrification”, […]

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