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Missing In Pakistan

Posted by Dave (The Void) on November 28, 2007

An important short documentary (24 mins), made shortly before the emergency, on the disappearances in Pakistan. Pakistan, like most military dictatorships, has a pretty terrible human rights record, but the state kidnappings of The War Against Terror are a disturbing new development.

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3 Responses to “Missing In Pakistan”

  1. Amna said

    All my duas and well wishes go to each one of you. You have taken a bold step by making this documentary. I feel shattered just to see how things have changed within few years. Pakistan was founded for the ‘freedom of it’s people”. I pray for everyone’s safety. I don’t agree with terrorism but I also don’t agree how Musharaf’s government is handling things. May Allah help us all in this tough time. Why can’t we all live in peace and respect each other no matter what?

  2. opit said

    Let’s look at Iraq. Water supply : poisoned – by Bush I !
    Hospitals out of drugs. Doctors driven off. University and college instructors flee for their lives.
    Sewage and water treatment wrecked : electrical supply sporadic. Cholera epidemic.
    ‘Reconstruction’ projects trash. Army and police disbanded.
    Today Iraq is third most corrupt government.
    Cities and towns are bombed from the air.
    Mercenaries gambol around unchecked, murdering at will for years. The government can’t get rid of them.
    Now, knowing all that, tell me why
    is unrealistic. There’s more at my place on the blogroll under ‘intel’, Articles about drinking water, quotations of Ahmadinejad…
    If you want feedback, try TPM Cafe and look for Opit. That post had some comments right away.

  3. […] quickly turned unpopular, and to enforce it required new levels of political repression, including an unprecedented wave of state kidnappings. The independent judiciary, led by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, busied itself […]

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