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More Racist Antics From The BNP

Posted by Dave (The Void) on December 21, 2007

The master race marches on!

BNP Exposed: The Secret Agent

An undercover BBC reporter infiltrated the BNP, and helped secure the convictions of several party activists.

Re Brand: Nazi Boy

Russell Brand spends the weekend with BNP Youth leader Mark Collett.

( part two | part three )

Dispatches: Young, Nazi And Proud

More conventional and in-depth profile of Collett, and more disturbing too.

This one goes inside the BNP project and explores Collett’s ego and ideology, while ReBrand is a more shoe-string kind of affair, showing him with real people in the real world. I think both sides of the BNP are worth looking at.

4 Responses to “More Racist Antics From The BNP”

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  3. […] More Racist Antics From The BNP […]

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