Throw Away Your Telescreen!

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Posted by Dave (The Void) on January 29, 2008

Oh yeah, it’s online. Don’t think it’s not online. A shocking and occasionally hilarious exposé of the history, politics, and consequences of privatised healthcare, for my money this is Moore’s best film yet.

(Go to Google Video)

If there’s anything wrong with Sicko, it’s the rose-tinted lens used in the British segments. Our beloved NHS, as many will already know, is already under fierce attack from the private sector (see John Pilger, or my blog, for an introduction, and there’s a wealth of info at Keep Our NHS Public) – including from some of the worst villians in the film’s American segments.

One Response to “Sicko”

  1. Canada is sliding toward a two-tiered health care system–which of course means that the rich get the best care and everyone else gets screwed. No, no, of course not, that’s an over-simplification (poor folks are assured). Private health care will mean less stress on the publicly funded system…er, but doesn’t that mean the doctors and nurses will go where the money is, everyone else consigned to poorly equipped and staffed facilities? In response, averted gazes, a hasty change of subject…

    With an aging population in America, Moore’s film will draw more interest than previous flicks with their perceived political bias. But the health industry has some powerful lobbyists so don’t expect anything to push them off their agenda and the billions of dollars in pure profit private health care guarantees…

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