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Killer Coke

Posted by Dave (The Void) on February 10, 2008

Give Coca-Cola’s empire a good shake, and it’s not just the odd Nazi that comes tumbling out.

(click here to watch all the whole programme)

Mark Thomas investigates the practises and history of the Coca Cola company, uncovering among other things its support for the Nazis, involvement in the murder of Colombian trade unionists, and environmental damage in Kerala and El Salvador – as well as the all-pervasive advertising by which it gets away with it all.

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Motherhood By Choice

Posted by Dave (The Void) on February 9, 2008

In the context of renewed attacks on a woman’s right to choose here in the UK, here is a short (27 min) film about the struggle for access to safe, legal abortions in the US.

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Posted by Dave (The Void) on January 29, 2008

Oh yeah, it’s online. Don’t think it’s not online. A shocking and occasionally hilarious exposé of the history, politics, and consequences of privatised healthcare, for my money this is Moore’s best film yet.

(Go to Google Video)

If there’s anything wrong with Sicko, it’s the rose-tinted lens used in the British segments. Our beloved NHS, as many will already know, is already under fierce attack from the private sector (see John Pilger, or my blog, for an introduction, and there’s a wealth of info at Keep Our NHS Public) – including from some of the worst villians in the film’s American segments.

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Supermarket Secrets

Posted by Dave (The Void) on July 22, 2007

The place of food in Western society has been completely transformed over the past fifty years, with the rise and ultimately the dominance of a few enormous supermarket chains.  From the farm or factory to the dinner table, every aspect of what we eat is controlled by these companies – not for our sakes, of course, but for their shareholders’.  This documentary (two episodes, 50 mins each) shows some of the consequences.

Part two follows.

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The Origins of AIDS

Posted by Dave (The Void) on March 10, 2007

Just half a century ago, there was no AIDS. Medical science was progressively conquering disease after disease, and no one dreamed that soon we would see a new disease appear and, within a few short decades, become the worst medical disaster in human history.

What happened?

Viewers/readers of John Le Carré’s The Constant Gardener will find this documentary (90 mins, via oddly familiar. In any case, it makes for compulsive and disturbing viewing.

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