Throw Away Your Telescreen!

the truth is always subversive


Leave a comment on this page if…

… you have a video you suggest we post,

… you have a theme you’d like us to cover,

… or you’d like to join the telescreen team.

Don’t forget to provide contact details!

8 Responses to “Feedback”

  1. Pete said

    Great work, it’s fantastic, please keep it up. (You could if you deemed it worthy, add a link to my site – I’ve more videos on the way)
    [Response: Cheers, Pete, Iā€™m certainly up for a link swap.]

  2. m.idrees said

    Great initiative, and I like the name.
    [Response: Cheers, man, for the support and for the clips I’ll be borrowing from your archives. And I’m glad someone gets the name.]

  3. Fima Estrin said

    My name is Fima Estrin and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    I came to US as political refugee on human rights violations in former USSR
    I am russian jew, and I got a lot of discrimination in USSR
    My parents are Holocaust survivors.
    But I got the worst thing in USA, never possible in communist country.
    I was set up with my computer, convicted as a s..x offender for computer p..rn.
    Now I do not have job and can hardly survive under police database
    supervision, named s..x offender registration. Nobody want to hire me,
    I think because of police database.
    And I have family. Who cares? Dirty polititians are playing their
    dirty games for more power.
    I would like to send you some links to publications about my criminal
    case. I was forced to confess to the
    possession of internet digital pictures of p..rn in deleted clusters
    of my computer hard drive. My browser was hijacked while I was
    browsing the web. I was redirected to illegal sites against my will.
    Some illegal pictures were found on my hard drive, recovering in
    unallocated clusters, without dates of file creation/download.

    I do not know how courts can widely press these charges on people to
    convict them, while the whole Internet is a mess.
    You can find all links to publications about my case here

  4. Hi Dave and Michael,

    I am a big fan of your Complex System of Pipes blog and have been an avid reader for the past year. I’m also a fan of Throw Away Your Telescreen and have written a script that reformats its RSS feeds generated by WordPress so that the videos are accessible by RSS readers and in particular, Miro (formerly “The Democracy Player”) for offline viewing. You can read more details about this script on my blog:

    While the reformatted RSS feed works fine without any changes on your end, better access to your videos can be provided by changing the following settings in your WordPress configuration under Options –> Reading –> Syndication Feeds:

    – Select For each article, show: Full text
    This will allow my script to find all of the videos in each post, not just the ones shown on the front page.

    – Increase the number of posts to show.
    This will allow players to access more of the older videos. A number large enough to include all of the videos would be great.

    Lastly, I was going to submit Throw Away Your Telescreen as a channel on the Miro Guide to provide an additional avenue of finding the content you collect. I can do this, but thought that you might want to do this yourself in order to provide better descriptions of your feed. Just use the following URL for the channel’s RSS feed when submitting it:
    If you aren’t interested in submitting to the Miro Guide, I can to that on your behalf.

    – Adam


    Thanks very much for your kind words and practical help, Adam. I hadn’t seriously thought about syndication beyond the basic rss before, but these seem like good ideas. I’ll look into your suggestions and then get back to you.


  5. Dave said

    A page with a list of all documentaries posted might be handy?

    [Response: hmm, I guess it would. I’ll get onto this when I have time. Thanks for the feedback, Dave. Would you be interested in joining as a contributor, by the way?]

  6. Dave said

    Yup, I’d love to be involved šŸ˜‰

  7. Ian Fantom said

    Great work. These videos need to reach an international audience. Have you thought of subtitling in other languages? Drop me an email if you’re interested in discussing this.

    [Response: Thanks, Ian. To be honest, I struggle enough to find time for this site as is; subtitling is a nice idea but technically and logistically it’s just beyond our means at the moment. If you can think of a way to help us support more languages it would be awesome, but either way I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the TAYTS programming experience]

  8. fritzthecat said

    These videos look very interesting, thanks for your work. I’ve discovered them while searching around for Miro channels.

    I don’t understand what the deal with Miro is though – you got a link to it there on your sidebar, but no actual channel… I tried Adam Franco’s script but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Maybe because the videos on the feed when I was trying it are all on googlevideo

    anyway, am I missing something or have you given up on Miro / Democracy Player?


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