Throw Away Your Telescreen!

the truth is always subversive

About Us

This site was started by a blogger who occasionally posted videos or audio clips, and decided to bring these all together in one convenient place. Hopefully, other likeminded bloggers will soon be collaborating, and this can eventually become your first reference point for cool online video and radio.

Mission Statement

The phrase “corporate free press” is something of an oxymoron. Whether to maximise sales, to attract advertisers, to maintain valuable contacts with official sources, or simply to promote the interests of their wealthy owners, the mass media open strange, self-serving and grossly distorted windows onto the world. This website is another window. Here you’ll find documentaries, lectures and interviews following a different editorial line.


Most clips are posted byDave On Fire, with other contributions from Michael Greenwell, M. Idrees, Charlie Marks and another Dave.

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