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Sir, No Sir! The GI Revolt

Posted by Dave (The Void) on January 25, 2008

In the sixties too, the U.S. was engaged in an unpopular, unjustifiable and ultimately unwinnable war. Then, a whole generation of young men were drafted to fight, to die, and to kill in Vietnam. This is the story (50 mins) of how those young men said “no”.

(Go to Google Video)

3 Responses to “Sir, No Sir! The GI Revolt”

  1. […] are perhaps two things that stopped the Vietnam War: resistance, naturally, but also mutiny. An army of conscripts was sent to fight in Vietnam, an army of young men with no particular agenda […]

  2. […] Well, aside from the Viet Minh, probably the most important factor in ending the Vietnam War, was “low morale” in the army – that’s mass mutinies to you and me.  Similar mutinies ended Russian and German involvement […]

  3. Kelly said

    I had a Commander in the NG a few yrs ago tell me that all muslims were enemy and a target. That second I knew I would not go to war. “I think YOUR the enemy.” in a loud voice, not saluting him and walked out of his office. My last drill.

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